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Perdue rink fund receives Concentra/Biggar and District Credit Union boost

Residents in Perdue were presented with a big shot in the arm for their new rink.

Doughnuts were a life saver for soldiers in the trenches-Neighbourly News

My first thought regarding National Doughnut Day was disbelief. There are many days dedicated to nonsensical issues but on further investigation, Doughnut (or Donut as it is splled south of the border) Day is actually a thoughtful one.

Pearl Diving by Bob Mason

I'm not exactly sure what the "going wage" is for pearl divers (Army dishwashers) anymore, but whenever Yours Truly was asked to donate his expertise to that very technical maneuver, they paid him $1.39 per diem.

NHL, NFL eye future in Las Vegas by Bruce Penton

Professional sports leagues are on the verge of gambling on success in Las Vegas.