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February public offering brings 2018-19 total revenue to $57.5M

Saskatchewan’s February public offering of Crown petroleum and natural gas rights held on February 5, which saw attention focused on the Kindersley area, raised a total of $10.2 million for the province.

Meet the cast of NCCP’s Mamma Mia!

We move ever closer to the opening night for New Creation Community Players 2019 offering, the musical comedy, Mamma Mia!

Spring runoff expected to be below normal

The Water Security Agency (WSA) released the preliminary spring runoff outlook for 2019, February 7.

The Silver Cup Mystery by Bob Mason

Silver is the most mentioned metal of our time: a "silver spoon", "silver utensils", (ahem!) "Long John Silver", (well, his name was "John Silver", R.L.S. said so!