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Government of Saskatchewan pleased with ruling on COOL

Premier Brad Wall welcomed the World Trade Organization (WTO) compliance panel ruling in favour of Canada and urged the United States to end mandatory Country of Origin Labelling (COOL).

Small biz urges Sask government to scrap costly, confusing new recycling tax

survey results showing the majority of Saskatchewan small business owners already recycle (76 per cent) and they have serious concerns with the government’s plan to create a new arms-length

BCS news by Kim Fick, Principal BCS 2000

What gorgeous fall weather we have been having! I hope that many of you have been able to take advantage of it. I'm sure our farmers have been.

The Return of the night patrol

Yours Truly always likes to blame the tensions of World War II for his fine head of hair turns pre-naturally grey and eventually falling out! (Actualy he knows that is a hereditary thing, like big feat, nose and hairs, et cetera!)